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Enjoy Leafy Garden Days


  • This business is closing on May 29th as the owner is retiring. Thank-you to our valued customers for their support over the last 23 years. It has been a great pleasure looking after you.

    It is hoped the business will sell and re-open soon. It will be be available for hire from September 2019 if it does not have new owners before this date.

    Our sale listing:


  • Winter

    Warm up in the cafe. Wander around the garden followed by a coffee and cake, take a leisurely stroll to the Oriental Crossing Bridge - see Morses Creek, think of the busy area this was in the gold mining 1800's and how cold it was for the miners panning in freezing water and then come back again to beat the chill.


We normally close for the whole of the month of August, however in August 2018 we will be open from Wednesday to Sunday.



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