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Wandiligong Maze and Cafe, Wandiligong near Bright, Victoria, Australia
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Wandiligong is so beautiful it has inspired one of Australia's poets to enshrine it in verse. Here it is ....

Mirror images of the head of a wren with the word Wandiligong, the title of the poem between their heads. They have bright eyes and an alert look.

Oh! Wandiligong,Wandiligong,
As peaceful as any billabong,
Where romantics love to dream,
On the banks of Morse's stream.

Hang gliders fly from its height,
To observe its grandeur and its might,
Its valley and surrounding hills,
Giving verse to poet's skills.

Wandi people are so kind,
Social, gentle and refined,
They look aloft to the sky,
Where daredevils and eagles fly.

How can tourists not desire to live,
Or consider gravely and give,
Thoughts of wanting to belong,
In the great place of, Wandiligong.

Flowers, vines in profusion,
Grow there in confusion,
Birds, wombats, strong,
Thrive in Wandiligong.

A maze, a mine, a trail,
A walk, a wine, an ale,
A voice, a sound a gong,
Ring around superb Wandiligong.

Over all the world's girth,
If there is a heaven on earth,
Then, without chance of wrong,
It is surely in Wandiligong.

See Naples and Die,
To that I say fie,
And with pointer and prong,
You'd better see ... Wandiligong.

Worthy title of a song,
Is Wandiligong, Wandiligong,
I hear you calling loud and long,



Jeni wren image from a card made for RWB's birthday by Panayiota Gogos
Poem by RWB - R W (Bill) Bullen DFC (1919 - 2006)


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