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Wandiligong Maze and Cafe, Wandiligong near Bright, Victoria, Australia
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The cafe car park with visiting classic cars.

Some elegant elderly visitors.

The Maze Story

In March 1990 the hand planting of 850 Cypress Lambertiana began in the home paddock in the rural village of Wandiligong, just 5 mins from Bright. The mysterious circular planting caused people to wonder - had a flying saucer landed in Wandiligong?

After much pruning by Edward Scissorhand, the gravelling of winding paths, the emergence of two towers within, the living hedge is Mazable - a pleasure for both young and old.

Of equal but different delight are the surrounds - a glorious extensive cottage garden filled with annuals, perennials and over 200 heritage roses, whose perfume surrounds you as you peruse it from the Rotunda.

The rotunda was designed by local architect Trevor Robinson with inspiration from the grand rotundas of past eras, it has as its centre a beautiful curved iron apex into which hand milled planed and sawn timbers were fitted. The timbers of this superb piece of art are local narrow and broad leafed peppermint, elm, oregon and river red gum along with recycled North Queensland forest red gum, silver quandong, tulip oak and white beech. It is a special example of the woodworkers craft.

Nearby the recently finished Cafe combines comfort and convenience with creative use of timbers and bush poles, high ceilings, exposed beams, and French doors leading to wide verandahs for drinks, lunches, snacks and home baked indulgences.

As well as catering for casual visitors and groups, it provides a perfect setting for weddings and special celebrations.

A wander around the garden is an added bonus, A copse of silver birch underplanted with grey foliage plants and deepest red roses of heady perfume, beds of heritage roses and unusual perennials, the water garden viewed from the deck, surrounded by yet more rambling roses, grasses, fairy fishing rod and waterlilies with a backdrop of hills of eucalypt and pine and Morses Creek running nearby.

The ambience is living, natural, relaxed and is designed for the pleasure of all ages - a place to unwind, admire, indulge and have some fun - in fact quite AMAZEing!

Hours, Cost, Map Events Pictures Maze Story Wandiligong We Recommend
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